Goodbye Reachwell


This year has been extremely traumatic for so many of us, but it has been especially difficult for children and adolescents who have had no voice, no vote and no one to represent them. We established Reachwell last year to highlight the neglect of young people in this crisis and we feel that we have achieved that aim. We hope that our briefings have been helpful – many people have told us that they have been, including colleagues from DHSC.

Over recent months it has become clear that a shared vision for the future amongst Reachwell colleagues is not possible. The academic community within Reachwell is diverse and there are varied opinions on interpretation of the science and recommendations for public health policy as we recover from the trauma of the past year. Many of us are working with other organisations now where we will now continue to focus our efforts to champion children as we emerge from this crisis. Thank-you to everyone who has supported us.